Spring Crazy 8's Challenge

Spring Crazy 8’s Registration & Information | March 2016

It’s time for round 2 of  Crazy 8’s!

What is Crazy 8’s?
This is a challenge to lose eight pounds in eight weeks. The goal is to lose one pound per week through the duration of the program. You’ll pay $25 to enter the challenge, and if you lose eight pounds, you’ll get your $25 entry fee back plus more! If you don’t lose eight pounds, the money you paid will go into a pot that will be divided up among those who successfully lost eight pounds.

Click to download a list of Slimdown Crazy 8s FAQs.

Each week you will weigh in during one of the scheduled weigh-in times with the Slimdown program. A calendar will be available online and at Member Services at the beginning of the challenge. You’ll receive emails each week with helpful tips along the way!