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Why to Try and What to Know about Group Exercise

Why to Try 

Group Exercise provides many benefits outside of the obvious physical fitness your body needs; consider group exercise to:

What to Know About Group Exercise

Try a class more than once. The first class is always the hardest. Knowing what to expect is half the battle. Unless you absolutely know a class is not for you; give most classes a second chance before calling it quits.

Try new classes to get a better workout. Get out of your comfort zone! Going to the same class over and over will most likely work the same body parts over and over. Your body acclimates to movement and in order to grow physically, you need to keep your body guessing. Love a certain instructor? See if they teach other class types to get a new workout you’re sure to love.

Know your limitations. Look at the color coding on the schedule to verify whether a class is open for beginners or meant for intermediate and advanced participants. Even within the color coding used, there can be a lot of variation in intensity. If you’re unsure of what type of class is best suited for you, ask the group exercise director or the instructor of the class. In class, don’t be afraid to ask for variations in movement ahead of time if you have a specific issue that needs worked around.

Don’t be afraid to slow it down.  Most anyone that has taken a group class before knows the feeling when you just can’t keep up. Don’t be afraid to skip a rep or take the intensity down with modified movements. You can even just march in place until you feel you’re able to join back in. Just try not to stop abruptly, as it’s important for your body to slow things down gradually.

Cool down and warm up.  Many people are tempted to skip the warm up or cool down of a class – DON’T. Your body likes to do things gradually. It’s important to get your body ready for exercise and to slow it back down gradually. If you’re looking for a shorter class, check the schedule for 30 or 45 minute class opportunities.


Take a look at your local club’s Group Exercise Schedule online. Filter by instructor, class name, time, and type. Click on a class to get a brief description.

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