Yin Yoga Workshop with Marla C.

Do you love Yin Yoga and want to explore it more?
This workshop is perfect for you! Non-members welcome!

Yin Yoga Workshop with Marla C.

Instructor, Marla Cantor will present an in-depth study of all things yin:
-The History of Yin Yoga
-The difference between Yin and Yang: in yoga & in life
-Physical aspects of the practice: connective tissue, bones, fascia & joints
-Energetic aspects of the practice: meridians & chi
-Emotional & mental aspects of the practice: yin as a mindful practice
-Reason to practice Yin Yoga
-Benefits of Yin Yoga

date: Saturday, November 4
time: 2:00pm – 6:00pm
location: acac Downtown | Mind Body Studio C

This workshop will start with a 90-minute practice followed by lecture, videos, and discussion.
This workshop is suitable for interested students & teachers.

Members: $55 | Non-Members: $65 | Register at Downtown Front Desk or by calling 434.984.3800.

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