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Parking behind acac Albemarle Square will be unavailable from June 26-28 for painting. 

Yoga with Drumming and Didgeridoo

This class is accessible to all with a basic comfort with simple yoga poses. We will focus on strength yet spend lots of time playfully unwinding.
The percussion will encourage us to move with a slow, strong flow. The deep sounds of the traditional Australian didgeridoo will invite us to drop into a calm place from within.

Yoga with Drumming and Didgeridoo

Christine Bostic, instructor of Afri-Cardio has been studying yoga and African dance for 28 years. She enjoys planning a yoga class but then throwing the plan away and creating something new, when participants’ energy leads in more relevant direction.

Gabe Gavin has played reggae for over 20 years. Recently he found himself called to explore Kirtan and the practice of Bhakti Yoga, using the music as a tool for elevation of consciousness and unification of body, mind, and spirit.

Jim Gagnon is a musician and storyteller, playing drums, didgeridoo, native flutes, and guitar. He is also the founder of The DreamTime Project, a musical outreach program that promotes diversity, ecology, and community.

date: Friday, May 18
time: 7:15pm-8:30pm
location: acac Downtown | Mind Body Studio C
cost: FREE to members
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Stay tuned for a special rooftop class in July!

Questions? Contact John Piller at for more information or call 434.984.3800. | Live Your Best.