An essential component of optimal health and wellness

Whether your goal is weight loss, improved athletic performance, controlling a chronic condition, or disease risk reduction, acac’s registered dieticians are ready to support you with individual counseling and group programs.

Four Weeks to Wellness

Focuses on strengthening your nutrition knowledge. Counseling covers topics that are personally relevant, such as elevated cholesterol, diabetes, or weight control. Two one-hour sessions and two 30-minute sessions are tailored to your needs.

Eight Weeks to Success

A comprehensive approach to weight loss, chronic condition control, and disease risk reduction. In addition to topics covered in the Four Weeks to Wellness program, one-on-one discussions help you create personal strategies needed to make permanent lifestyle changes. First and second sessions are one hour; remaining sessions are 30 minutes.

Metabolism Assessment

In this one-hour session, your resting metabolic rate is measured using the MedGem™ tool, an indirect calorimeter (breathing device). The score is interpreted and presented in calories. The remainder of the appointment is a discussion about metabolism, energy, and stamina in relation to exercise.

Healthy Selections

Let a Nutrition Coach guide you through your favorite, local grocery store during this 90-minute fun, educational, one-to-one shopping tour. Learn to identify the best selections for you and your family based on your specific nutrition needs.