Charlottesville Alert

The Albemarle Square Aquatics Center will be closed from Monday, August 20 – Saturday, August 25 for yearly maintenance. Members are encouraged to use the Waterpark or acac Downtown during this time. Click here for more information.

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We will be running on a modified schedule for the Labor Day holiday on Monday, September 3. Click here for more information.


Meet Mary

A Greene County senior who has been immobile for the last 25 years due to cerebral palsy, just celebrated her 70th birthday on her own two feet.

Born with cerebral palsy and immobile for the past 25 years, Mary Nay never dreamed she’d be literally stepping into a fitness routine, much less taking a victory lap celebrating her birth and rebirth. “I turned 70 and I walked one mile around the acac track. It took me an hour to do it but I did it. I came around the track on that last lap…very happy feeling,” she said. And she crossed the finish line with Dr. Robert Calhoun by her side. The man she credits for introducing her to acac’s Physician Referred Exercise Program (p.r.e.p.).

Mary and 10,000 others in this area, they have taken advantage of p.r.e.p. with the help of 800 doctors and a simple prescription. Kelly Lynn of acac medical programming said, “Patients will learn how to exercise safely, effectively it’s $60 for 60 days and patients are sent to us much like a pill is sent to a pharmacy.” An Rx that has rewritten life as Nay has known it for seven decades. “They’ve given me a new look on life a better life not only in weight loss but mobility,” she said. “It’s actually inspiring for us as physicians to see patients that are taking our advice to heart and really making changes in their lives,” stated Calhoun.

“I have used a scooter and walker for the past 25 years to get around but my goal is to get away from this,” said Nay. And she says she hopes to reach that next goal by her 71st birthday which is December 19, 2012. She has a whole year to work toward that impressive goal.

*acac‘s p.r.e.p. or Physician Referred Exercise Program is a 60 day for $60 membership that allows members to try acac, receive personal training, beginner instruction and access to acac. The program is monitored by medical professionals. Doctors must prescribe this exercise program to their patients for participation.

Reported by Laura French; NBC 29 News