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Laser Hair Reduction

How does it work?

Laser hair reduction technology is the use of an invisible beam of light and a constant source of heat that penetrates the hair follicle, disabling and then destroying it at its root while preserving the surrounding skin.

Why should I try Laser Hair Reduction?

  1. Improved Self-Confidence — Laser hair reduction can help you feel and look your very best, no longer questioning how you look when you show off a bit of skin.
  2. Look Great — Hair reduction by laser can help you be free to enjoy smooth and sexy skin all the time. No more uncomfortable in between and grow-in stages.
  3. Save Money —Laser for permanent hair reduction may seem expensive, but in the long run, laser hair reduction costs less than continued waxing, electrolysis and other hair reduction methods.
  4. Save Time — Eliminate the daily or monthly hair reduction routine, no longer having to think about missing your lunch hour to wax, or get electrolysis again. 5. Eliminate Ingrown Hairs — Ingrown hairs can cause discomfort, infections and self-consciousness

Who can benefit from Laser Hair Reduction?

Laser hair reduction works best on those people with dark hair and fair skin. Laser light is attracted to the melanin of the hair, which is also found in skin. Those with dark skin either from suntans or by birth are not ideal candidates for laser hair reduction. Neither will red or light blond haired people — the laser is solely attracted to the darkness of hair.

Is Laser Hair Reduction permanent?

Everyone is unique and will react differently to the laser. The FDA has approved several types of lasers as permanent hair reduction devices. This means that a significant percentage (up to 90%) of hair that is treated with the laser will not grow back. Each session should prove to be more successful at removing the remaining hairs than the previous.

How long does each session take?

Laser treatments can take from just a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the size of the area being treated. A smaller area, such as the bikini or the under arm, can take as little as ten to fifteen minutes, as opposed to the back or leg which can take up to an hour.

How many sessions will I need?

On average, five to seven sessions are needed to really see results, meaning about 80% hair reduction in the area treated.

How long should I wait in between sessions?

Wait four to six weeks between each session. Even if you cannot see the hair, it can still be actively growing beneath the skin and the laser can find and remove the hair follicle successfully. Facial hair should be treated more often than other areas.

What kind of results will I expect on the first session?

With each session you should see significant changes in the amount of hair reduced. Because most of the time our hair is in its active growth state, there should always be positive results. The results will vary for people with hormonal imbalance. For this reason, people who are pregnant or under the age of 16 are not candidates for laser hair reduction.

What are the side effects of laser hair reduction?

Most people leave the session with a bit of a temporary rash or “sunburn-like” reaction. Most skin discoloring will go away quickly, leaving no side effects. However, some people have reported permanent skin discoloring and “blotchiness” in the treated area. It is important to listen to the practitioner carefully and follow the post-treatment instructions carefully.

Will Laser Hair Reduction Hurt?

Laser hair reduction may be somewhat uncomfortable. As with anything, the pain or discomfort you feel may be different from others who have had the procedure. Most people tolerate laser hair reduction very well. At first, you will likely feel a slight stinging sensation, indicating that the laser has been activated. The treatment involves a series of impulses that cause prickling and a slight burning sensation. Your clinician may apply a topical anesthetic to the area being treated to minimize discomfort, but most people endure the procedure without any. Some people have likened the feeling to that of a rubber band snapping against your skin.

What areas can the laser treat?

Aside from the area close to the eye, almost any area of the body with excess hair can be treated with lasers. Most commonly, patients ask for treatments for their face, upper lip, neck, chest, breasts, underarms, back, abdomen, bikini line and legs. Many people have areas of unwanted hair and are embarrassed to discuss them. Please ask questions about any areas with confidence that your technician will answer them discretely and honestly.

How much does it cost?

The listed prices below for Laser Hair Reduction are generally accurate, but your Laser Technician may find that an area yields a slight price increase based on the size of the area being treated.

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