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Education Support Program

acac would like to help our families fill the void in education this fall that the pandemic has presented for your children. We know that we cannot replicate the experience of being in school full time but we want to help families that need a trusted partner to assist with their Elementary and Middle School student’s education. We have been actively developing our plan to partner with you and to stay responsive to the changing expectations you are all receiving from your children’s schools and teachers.

Informed by our medical director, architect, and academic consultant; our program is designed to exceed state guidelines so that we may safely provide space for your children to engage in their remote learning plans while leveraging the incredible facilities at acac‘s Adventure Central.  Based on your survey feedback and the additional inquiries we’ve made, we understand that you are looking for a teammate to manage the daily demands of academic work and distance learning that your children’s traditional school programs are offering.  At the same time, you are looking for sustained engagement that will offer your children interaction, creativity, physical exercise, and socio-emotional development.

In addition to the excellence you’ve come to expect from acac, our enhanced program will offer:

To secure space for your children, complete the registration form below. Capacity will be limited to the first 84 registrations. More capacity may be added at a later date. If you are not able to register – please email to be added to the waiting list.

The program will begin at 7:30 am and end at 6:00 pm. Parents are welcome to pick up their students after their school day ends. 

This program will cost $315.00 per week per student for acac members and $335 per week for non-members.  It will be billed in weekly increments.  This is only available as a commitment to the first nine weeks of the school year in order to limit the number of students within the space. The health and safety of your children is our top priority.  

The space within Adventure Central’s arena and classrooms will be divided into pods. Each pod will have between 12-16 students along with Pod Advisors. Based on CDC guidelines and in consultation with our medical director, pods of students will function independently. When pods transition between spaces, the program schedule ensures that no two groups are in the same space at the same time.  Appropriate cleaning and disinfecting procedures are in place throughout the day for our program participants, their pod spaces, and all shared areas

Thank you for trusting us to team up with you and meet your family’s needs for your children. We look forward to welcoming you and to starting the academic year with purpose and partnership!

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