cv trainer bio form

CV Trainer Bio

  • Certifications

    Only include certifications relating to fitness and wellness. Many of the common certifications are listed below, but feel free to add additional certifications you hold in the Additional Certifications field.

    When listing certifications, first spell out the full name of the certifying organization, then spell out the full name of the certification. Put any acronyms in parenthesis.

  • Training Emphasis

    Include information on any special populations that you have experience or enjoy working with.

    List your areas of emphasis below, separated by commas.

  • Education

    If applicable, list any Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, and medical degrees that you have completed.

    List the abbreviation for the type of degree, what the degree was in, and the school you received the degree from.

    Formatting examples:AAS in Graphic Design, American Academy of Art BA in Psychology, Grinnell College
  • Experience

    This is a summary of your work history, with an emphasis on your experiences in fitness and wellness.

    Don’t use phrasing that will become outdated. For example, say “personal trainer since 2010,” not “5 years of experience personal training.”

  • Interests

    Focus on your personal fitness and wellness interests here. You may also include other interests at your discretion. If you are mentioning family members, be mindful of their privacy. Avoid sharing your family members’ names and ages.