Kids Zone

Our Kids Zone team is dedicated to creating a safe, fun and interactive experience for your child. acac’s Kids Zone features games, videos, an indoor play structure, a separate infant room and the Kids Zone Enrichment Program.

Mission | To keep children safe physically and emotionally, while encouraging them to engage in fun, age-appropriate activities in a clean, healthy, kid-friendly environment.

The Kids Zone at acac provides high-quality childcare for members. Adult caregivers nurture your children in a safe, clean, fun area designed just for kids. Kids play on the soft indoor playground, make arts and crafts, participate in educational programs, and have loads of fun!



To maintain a healthy environment for all children, we ask that you consider this policy when deciding to come in with a child whose health is questionable. Keep in mind that if your child is too sick to attend school, then he or she is too sick to attend Kids Zone. We will summon parents of children who show any signs of illness while in our care. Children with the following conditions or symptoms will not be admitted into the Kids Zone: Yellow or green nose discharge, Conjunctivitis (pink eye), Influenza, Diarrhea, Chicken Pox, Coxsackie’s Virus and other contagious viruses. A doctor’s note is required for children to return to acac following a contagious condition.


acac expects children to respect others and their space, harmoniously participate in games, cooperate with acac employees, and be enthusiastic. Unacceptable behaviors include, profanity, disrespecting others and their space, failure to comply with a staff member’s directions, excessive horseplay and inappropriate or violent physical contact. acac does enforce a zero tolerance policy for biting and violent nature of any kind. The use of appropriate aged “time-outs” may be necessary and if needed a Kids Zone Team member may contact you during your workout.

acac Firearms Policy

Our primary objective is to create a safe and welcoming environment in the clubs, and your safety and that of our team will always be our priority. Our policy is to prohibit guns on acac property with the exception of law enforcement and acac security officers. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or stop by the office of our General Manager.