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Hello all,

It’s been over two months since I’ve posted here, and that has been largely intentional. Outside of continuing with some clients virtually through video calls (personal training workouts and health coaching sessions) and written workout programs, I’ve been trying my best to take space to sit with the discomfort I have with being unproductive. Some days have been busy and productive still when I’ve felt motivated and wanted that, some days have been mostly just fun being at home with my partner and dog more than we would ever get to in normal life before (up until he returned to work last week), and some days have been a lot of discomfort with trying to let go of shame and guilt surrounding doing nothing. I would like to think I’ve made progress in allowing a lack of productivity when it feels like I need rest, but a lot of the time it doesn’t feel like it. And maybe my attachment to feeling progress, even with this, shows an area I still have more work to do.

Regardless of if this time has been a time for you to dedicate to cultivating hobbies life normally doesn’t have time for, a time for rest and recovery, or a time when life has mostly gone on as normal while not even feeling remotely normal, I wanted to make a tentative step towards making more space on some days (while still trying to honor space for doing nothing on others) for spending some time on some small things that life sometimes feels too busy or overwhelming for for myself.

This first post back is mostly just going to be some resources (a lot of which are from my colleague Pam who has been putting out some awesome content during this time):


First off, if you missed my two posts at the start of this, here are links:


-Some tips for better mental health with more time at home, whether you’re working from home, unemployed, or just spending most of your time outside of work at home instead of filled with normal hobbies, responsibilities, and in-person socialization


-A quick rundown of virtual services I’m offering during this time if you feel like you need more support for lifestyle (stress management, eating habits, body image issues, gentle movement, etc.) or at home workouts/plans


Article on COVID-19 and weight: https://www.wired.com/story/covid-19-does-not-discriminate-by-body-weight/

I highly highly recommend this read. Christy Harrison is the author of what, though a new release, has become my favorite anti-diet book, and she knows her stuff. This article discusses the flaws in data that has been released claiming that those in the category of “obese” are at higher risk for hospitalization from Covid-19.


Pam’s recent blog posts:




Pam’s YouTube page for some helpful exercise videos:


Check out this page as well as Pam’s blog post on mindful movement around the house above for some ideas of new exercises to try around the house if you’re getting stuck in the same old rut. I have also included some sample workouts I’ve written for clients during this time below that include movements from some of Pam’s videos, if you’re stuck on how to incorporate them into a full workout.

Pam’s social media:


Some samples of personalized workouts I’ve been writing for clients during this time:

These workouts were written to meet a specific client’s goals, as well as with specific injury prevention concerns, muscular imbalances, and mobility issues in mind. Feel free to try these workouts out for yourself, but if you’re looking for something to help you accomplish a specific fitness (definition: the quality of being able to complete a specific physical task) goal, reach out to me, and we can talk about what would be a good fit for you and your goals and limitations!

(Week 2 workouts are included at the bottom for the stretch images to complete Week 3 and Week 6 workouts.)



And finally, just a few fun updates from me during this time:

Thanks to my parents’ farm in Madison, we were able to do a little camping trip despite the closing of many campsites in the area:


And, I got 2 new tattoos to represent rest and recovery, as a constant reminder to myself that what we put into ourselves with sleep, rest, food, stretching, myofasical release, and gentle movement for recovery, though not as hot of a topic, is just as important as what we create with exercise and productivity:


Thanks for joining me for this amalgamation of resources! I hope to be back soon to share more that might help you to feel better prepared to cope during these uncertain circumstances.


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