acac partners with the Emergency Communications Center through Albemarle's BeWell Program

Here is part of the reason I have been a bit less frequent with blog posts the last couple weeks: awesome collaborations happening and in the works!

I went to teach a class (4 rounds so all shifts of the staff could attend a session) on using resistance bands for a full-body strength training workout while still in the office at a desk, as well as some key exercises to help with posture while seated or standing and simple stretches to help alleviate tension from a stressful job and lots of time seated or at a computer.

Here is the link to some videos I have previously posted on Instagram that show a few of the exercises and stretches I highlighted as key for a lot of desk time, in addition to discussing a warmup and the sets and reps to start with for a bulk of the strength training exercises with bands.

I won’t claim that I was particularly excited to be interviewed for the news 2 nights in a row by CBS 19 or NBC 29, but I will say that I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to meet and talk with the staff of the ECC as well as the staff that works with Albemarle’s BeWell program. I really just can’t wait for the next amazing chance to reach a new group of people through health coaching that otherwise might not have felt physical activity was accessible because of the extreme diet culture we currently have in our society.

Here is the link to the NBC 29 coverage, and I will add the CBS 19 coverage if it ends up being posted to their website.

Again, I want to thank the county for orchestrating this whole thing and the ECC for having me!


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