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Hello all,

This post is just a quick one to share some resources I have been enjoying lately and to tell you that if you’re interested in one day workshops on creating space for women to discuss issues surrounding goal setting, motivation, barriers to success, mental and emotional health, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, spirituality, holistic health, and body image, reserve the dates Saturday, July 27th and August 17th in your calendars now! More info to come as specific plans and details fall into place.

A great article that has made the rounds recently that pretty much sums up why I do the work that I do:…/sunday/women-dieting-wellness.html

A podcast that’s a good reminder on the importance of human communication and interaction etc.:

And my favorite free meditation app if you need some guided meditations in your life to help you get into meditating or help falling asleep:

Thanks for reading!


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