If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Facebook, and you’re feeling like “Ellen, this is great, but I would like to be able to see content on body image, fitness, and health without seeing so many pictures of goats or mirror pictures of your outfits,” here’s the place! I will be linking and reposting a lot of my relevant content from social media to this blog and potentially posting some additional info here.

If you’re ready to dive into getting to know me more, feel free to follow or friend me on social media. I don’t bite, but you may get to see a little more vulnerability and the inside of my brain than you bargained for!

To see some of my previous posts on topics relevant to health, click here to see the the content I have filed away under a hashtag (#EPBfit) on Instagram. (Or if you really want to dive in, search my hashtag #EPBeatsalot to see all of the prettiest things I have eaten!)

Stay tuned!




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Every body is a good body, and my goal is to help you feel your best!