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Intuitive Movement and Intuitive Eating Workshop Series

Hello all!

Pam and I are incredibly excited for this series of workshops we will be offering over the coming months, as we feel they are the most true and accessible version of the message we both want everyone to have about eating and exercise, which is that: All bodies are good. No foods are bad foods. And we all need to find ways to make movement and eating about nurturing and listening to our bodies instead of punishing them with rules and restrictions. (At least this is the very short version of what we believe and teach; there is both a longer version of this as well as a long journey as an individual to get to this place in your health journey, and we would like to help be a part of getting you on your way!)

Below is the link to the days and times for our next three workshops, the next of which is on Intuitive Movement, this coming Saturday the 28th from 9am-12 noon in the acac Albemarle Square conference room. The cost is $75, and the workshops are designed so that they can be taken as a stand-alone or as a series, where each workshop will build upon the last. However, a big part of the purpose of these groups is to build community, so we would love to have you for multiple in a row if possible. This also helps to give you accountability for doing on the homework we give you to keep learning about this on your own (or with our guided help through Health Coaching) between workshops or after the individual workshop is over if you are just taking one at a time. This is all about making you the best version of yourself and giving you a more gentle and sustainable approach to nutrition and exercise, which takes time and work for sure; it is not an overnight transition.

Check out the link and information below, and shoot me an email at if you have questions or would like to sign up for one or more of the upcoming workshops!

Location: acac Albemarle Square conference room

Time: 9:00am-12:00pm

Cost: $75 per session for both Members and Non-Members

Saturday, September 28 | Intuitive Movement
Saturday, October 26 | Intuitive Eating
Saturday, November 23 | 
Intuitive Movement

Intuitive Movement: Finding the BEST (and actually enjoyable) exercise for you!

This 3-hour workshop will focus on finding the right exercise routine for your body and mind. It will incorporate movement you actually enjoy, how to strategically add in rest and recovery, and what to do when you just don’t want to exercise. This workshop includes group activities, lecture, discussions, and some movement and exercise with a focus on building a community for accountability and support. Content is geared towards both those new to exercise and feeling a bit overwhelmed as well as those that have been exercising for a while and feeling stuck in a rut or not getting the results you want.

Intuitive Eating: 6 Obstacles Keeping You from Feeling Your Best!

This 3-hour workshop focuses on what to do when diets stop working for you. We cover the myths, mistakes, and misconceptions surrounding nutrition in our modern environment that is inundated with “factual” information around food and eating that may not work for you. This workshop includes group activities, lecture, discussions, and some gentle movement, with a focus on building a community for accountability and support.
Additionally, since the theme here is movement, here are some challenges to try adding to your next workout to focus on mobility and injury prevention:
I hope you all are having a gentle transition into fall and being gentle with yourselves and your bodies as well! And as always, I’m here if you have questions or want to chat about learning to love and take care of your body more holistically.

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