How judging others reflects back on us: 

I’ve found a direct correlation for myself between how much I’m judging other people, especially their bodies, and how much I judge myself. I cannot truly say which comes first, but the more I nitpick at other people, the more unhappy I find I am with myself. The more unhappy I am with myself, the more I catch myself judging others. 

I think that part of this is that the things we judge others for are the things we fear in ourselves:

If I judge someone for dressing sloppy, I’m afraid that other people may not think I’m well dressed. 

If I judge someone for having put on a little weight, I’m afraid others are judging me for my ever-changing weight. 

If I judge someone for not helping others enough, for not speaking up enough, for not taking care of themselves enough, I’m afraid that I too, am not doing enough to live up to my beliefs. 

How can we use this information?

The next time you find yourself judging someone else for something, take a second to say something positive about them instead. Then see if you can carry this behavior over to yourself, stop being your own worst critic, and say something positive to yourself for a change. 

Maybe by being a little better at loving and accepting others, we can learn to do the same with ourselves. ???? 


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