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It’s been a while. Between personal mental health, educating myself on everything going on around us in society right now, and spending time on a couple personal projects, I have not written the blog posts I had hoped to since last time. BUT, I have been being active on Instagram again after almost a month off, so here’s a selection of posts I’ve made recently on mental health, as well as an IGTV video where I talk a little bit more about health coaching in general as well as my personal approach!

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An idea I’ve kind of been dancing around with in my head since restarting therapy with a new therapist recently is what to do when you’re feeling in a more comfortable place with your thought patterns and dealing with them, BUT you can’t seem to pull your body out of this flight or fight place, so you end up not really feeling like you’re getting to experience your mental progress fully on that more physical and emotional level. When I saw a post yesterday by @thatcurlytop where she asked in the caption about ways to tell your body everything is okay and read the comments, it kind of clicked for me how much I need to prioritize those physically comforting things whether it be movement or a few minutes in the direct sun or standing barefoot on the ground or a bath WHEN I’M NOT ACTIVELY ANXIOUS. I think for me, and I’m sure for others, it can be easy to get frustrated when (on that rare occasion) we actually have the wherewithal to try some of these things when anxious and they don’t seem to help AT ALL or certainly not enough a lot of the time. And I think for me, a bit of the solution to that is spending more time on those things when I’m in a more balanced head space to heal and nurture my body from past anxiety and soothe it for future moments of panic. My current new favorite I’m trying out? Spending a few minutes on the deck in the sun in the morning lying flat on my back (maybe passively stretching a little if it feels right) and listening to an Alan Watts talk on YouTube. What are some things you either do in a moment of anxiety or in the down time between to soothe and nurture your body? Also go check out some of the answers in the comments on @thatcurlytop’s post. I found even just reading/thinking about a lot of them super helpful. I will repost it into my stories now, so you can find it quickly! #EPBmentalhealth #EPBfit

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#EPBootd unapologetically (or trying very hard to be so with myself) featuring evidence that we still have not unpacked from Savannah; something I have a lot of anxiety triggers about is the neatness or lack thereof of my immediate environment at home as well as my ever-changing motivation to compete larger projects around the house. I’ve been working lately to -in the moments when I feel like I have the control to do so- let go of all this pressure I put on myself and be happy for my home how it is in each messy moment of being human, a human that sometimes obsessively and inefficiently anxiety cleans, a human that sometimes calmly cleans for stress relief, and a human that sometimes lets things that would otherwise drive me up the wall go even though I want to take care of them when depressed. (I’m working on telling myself) It’s all a part of the ebb and flow of life, living life with mental health issues that sometimes (often) feel like they control my reality. #EPBmentalhealth

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