Now Offering: Body-Image-Focused Health Coaching

Really really excited to finally launch into using some of my knowledge & skills for something new & exciting…

After getting certified as an ACE Health Coach in February & not really having the breathing room to figure out what I wanted to do with it until now, I’m happy to announce that I will now be offering body-image-focused Health Coaching! Unlike personal training with me, you do not have to be a member or within regular traveling distance of acac to take advantage of this. The first session will be in person, so you do have to be within a reasonable distance that we can meet up for that, but the rest can be done online through video calls, phone calls, text, and email if you so choose.

What exactly does thisinclude/mean? I believe the current Heath and Fitness industry has it all wrong. Our bodies are smarter than we are a lot of the time, and the more we try to control them, the further we get away from our natural balance. The Diet Industry is wack. You want to know why you can’t find the perfect diet and exercise plan to lose weight? Because diets don’t work long term for most people. The second you think about restricting, your body is stressed and headed into starvation mode to survive the inevitable famine. Likewise, everything you’ve been taught in our culture about fat being bad is also wrong; studies show physically active “overweight” individuals are just as healthy if not healthier than sedentary “normal weight” controls. My goal is to get you moving and eating in a way that REDUCES your stress burden, is sustainable, and makes you HAPPY. Remember that? That food should be FUN!?

Together we will put together a holistic plan to reduce your stress and put you on the path to the healthiest life you are happy living. This includes diet, exercise, and stress management. We will also discuss body image issues that are holding you back from loving the skin you’re in RIGHT NOW because you’re beautiful, no matter what our society would have you believe.

DM me, text me, call me, email me, etc. to find out more! :)


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