Posterior & Anterior Chain Focused Complexes & Other Updates

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Just here to do a round-up post to give you some new workout ideas and hopefully some inspiration (building off of my last post including my recent IGTV videos about my fitness bucket list) for setting goals that really matter, are sustainable, and bring joy.

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a little anterior chain warmup with a landmine squat into an incline press & then a posterior chain warmup with a single leg deadlift into a single arm row; I personally did 3 sets of 10 each (10 on each side for the deadlift and row), but do what feels right ????????‍♀️ do more sets of less reps at a heavier weight if you wanna make it a whole workout, maybe a 5×5 situation type deal ????????‍♀️ (also my apologies for the chopping my head off in the first video & the basically up the rear angle in the second shot, but it’s been a while since I’ve videoed part of my workout & I was feeling lazy, & hey, my cellulite is for sure visible when I lift in shorts, so here is your daily dose of social media reality) #EPBfit @acaccville

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If you enjoyed my landmine combination from a couple weeks back of a full body posterior chain/pull movement + a full body anterior chain/push movement, here’s another one for ya; this one is a little more focused on conditioning & getting the heart rate up than the last that had more of a strength component. In this video I’m using a 15# sand ball for the slam & lift (probably should have been using a 20-pounder) & a 14# slam ball for the squat & chest wall pass (probably would have been better off with a 12#er) to give you an idea of reasonable weight. I like using these two movements together as a finisher, but try it out wherever feels right in your next workout !! #EPBfit @acaccville

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Whether it’s with the landmine or medicine balls, making sure you’re balancing movements that target opposite muscle groups to promote stability at the joints is incredibly important to prevent injury. If you have some questions about what movements target what muscle groups and how to make sure your workouts are balanced to prevent injury, shoot me a message!

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This deserved a place in my stories and in my feed. Sometimes your client gets a new job, and on her last session of freedom/leisure, the gym is too busy to have some fun, so you create this monster for her first after-work session. This is the full workout (minus a dynamic stretch to warm up & some static stretching at the end to relax and cool down): * 15# sand medicine ball toss & chase with broad jump, lunges, or single leg toe touches, 3x down and back * Moving weight workout: 1000# from racked to in a pile under the TRX, then to the other end of training studio, then back to racked, (tire estimated ~200#) * 20# sand med ball toss & chase with broad jump, lunges, or single leg toe touches, 1x down and back @ardenashleyg @ashbebetter, you killed this beast of a workout !! #EPBfit @acaccville

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Also some core and conditioning challenge ideas with my lovely client Ashley!

And finally, a bit more about my fitness bucket list and home fitness equipment to make sure I can get in the essentials when staying at work just a little bit longer to fit in some movement feels like it would add more stress than it’s worth or when I’m just feeling like a homebody on a day off !!

I’ll be back soon with a few more fun core challenge ideas I have up my sleeve and just need to film :) 


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