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Revisiting Expansion vs. Contraction & Some Workout Resources

Hello all,

On the same lines as my last post, this will also be an amalgamation of resources (except this time my own resources), as I’ve been trying to post more workout content on my Instagram page as well as start using Instagram TV more often again to put out video explanations of concepts and such for people that learn better in that format.

So first, here is my last blog post if you missed it with some random resources I’ve enjoyed:

Next, here is the IGTV video I just created and posted this morning as well as some resources of past times I’ve discussed these same concepts in different formats. Choose whatever strikes your fancy!

An older blog post on this:

And an instagram post:

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The difference between Expansion and Contraction when it comes to health is a concept I've been thinking and talking a lot about lately, and since I'm giving a talk on the subject on November 3rd, I thought it was time I wrote a more in depth post about this (for full blog post, follow the link in my profile !!). Ask yourself this: What practices could I add that would improve the quality of my life, my health, and my enjoyment? Take some time to think about what you could ADD to your life that would increase the joy in your life. What practices would improve your health, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual? If you're having trouble deciding where to start, try adding one of these three journaling practices daily to begin to see patterns of what brings you happiness and where you could use more of that in your life: -Write down 1-3 things you are grateful for about your body each day. -Write down a negative thought you had about your body today and then reframe it to something more positive. -Write down something you noticed about your body/how it feels today. What am I trying to increase and expand in my life currently? -Time in nature (always makes me feel grounded, refreshed, and helps me to appreciate the beauty in life) -In person coffee dates with friends nearby or phone calls with long distance friends (always good to connect with another human, check in on how they're doing, and talk through what's going on in your life with someone else for some perspective) -Concerts (I used to spend a lot more of my income on concerts and a lot less on clothing/stuff a couple years back, and I noticed that I was so much happier and felt more fulfilled spending my money on experiences that hype me up instead of purchases that last longer but provide more transient excitement/enjoyment.) Take some time to figure out what you can expand in your life today and DROP THE GUILT AND RESTRICTION AND SHAME associated with a mindset focused on contraction. #EPBfit

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And the IGTV video I mentioned on psychologically and physiologically why dieting and restriction with food do not work:

Then a little workout idea from my IG feed and personal workouts this week:

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a little anterior chain warmup with a landmine squat into an incline press & then a posterior chain warmup with a single leg deadlift into a single arm row; I personally did 3 sets of 10 each (10 on each side for the deadlift and row), but do what feels right ????????‍♀️ do more sets of less reps at a heavier weight if you wanna make it a whole workout, maybe a 5×5 situation type deal ????????‍♀️ (also my apologies for the chopping my head off in the first video & the basically up the rear angle in the second shot, but it’s been a while since I’ve videoed part of my workout & I was feeling lazy, & hey, my cellulite is for sure visible when I lift in shorts, so here is your daily dose of social media reality) #EPBfit @acaccville

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And finally, continuing on the discussion of the importance of the anterior vs. the posterior chain of muscles, my Wednesday Workout suggestion quite a few days late but made beautiful by the lovely Leigh McCready:

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The posterior chain includes the muscles down the back of your body that are often overlooked because as humans in the modern age, we spend a lot of time with our arms out in front of us at a computer/desk/driving/on our phones etc. or walking/moving in a forward motion only movement pattern. The muscles in the posterior chain are important to maintain for posture, for some of our strongest movements like deadlifts and rows, and for joint health to balance the pull of the muscles in the anterior chain down the front of the body, so an increasing number of days late, here is your ~workout of the week~, made beautiful by @leighmccready! Try it out & let me know what you think! #EPBfit @acaccville

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I hope some of these resources helped you out! Have a lovely, expansive, healthful, and restful rest of your weekend!


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