Self Love and Self Care for the Holidays

Hello all!

I wanted to make you aware of a free Facebook group I will be running for a month during the holidays, starting next Monday (the 19th) to help you focus in on expanding the good and releasing the bad this holiday season. We will be discussing stress management as well as other aspects of (especially mental and emotional) health. I am running this group along with Shannon Johnson, a former trainer and health coach at acac (until her recent move to England), and I am so excited to be working with her again on this project together! We created this group in order to cultivate a little community to help with the stress that the holidays can bring, and each week, starting November 19th and going for 4 weeks until the week of December 10th, we will each share something to get you thinking about how you’re caring for yourself this holiday season, whether it’s a text post, video, or some sort of activity (probably journaling; we both love it!) for you to do. We want to help you to avoid some of the stressing about health, eating, and exercise that can often come up for people over the holidays. Feel free to chime in, ask questions, and get involved. 

To join this group, either follow the link below to request to join, search “Self Love & Self Care for the Holidays” on Facebook, or add me on Facebook & send me a message so that I can add you directly.

We hope you can find some peace and holiday joy with us! 


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