Tracking Mental/Emotional Progress - Why I have clients journal about their bodies!

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went to Trader Joe’s today after work to pick up wine & snacks for a relaxing girls evening in with movies & delivery for dinner 2 major things: First, I was still wearing my personal training shirt, & I realized that I’m much happier having people see me in my uniform with a cart full of wine & chocolate than buying protein powders & low calorie meal replacements. That’s not who I want to be in this industry. Second, I realized that I haven’t had these dunkers cookies since my freshman year when I was restricting. If I still had 500+ calories left at the end of the day (I always tried to stay a couple hundred below my goal for the day & never added in calories burned from activity, so I was probably under by close to 500-1000 kcals a day), I would eat one or two of these in my dorm after dinner to “splurge.” At the time, I was living off of raw vegetables & hummus, cooked veggies & rice, salads, etc. & then eating as many desserts & sweets as I could to still stay under on calories every day. I was obsessively exercising with only the goal of burning calories in mind. To someone on the outside looking in, this might have looked like the picture of health: I was eating my veggies, practicing balance with dessert, & exercising. I was thin & apparently happy. On the inside though, I was “bingeing” on sweets & then “purging” with very low calorie meals and exercise. It was not healthy by any means, physically because of my low weight, & mentally/emotionally because I was valuing myself based on the number on the scale when I woke up each morning and how flat my stomach looked on a given day. This is why I advocate journaling so much. THIS is progress. This huge change in mindset. The fact that I will drink wine & eat chocolate & relax with friends & not think once about calories or the number on the scale. And journaling is a GREAT way to keep track of that progress. What it comes down to, is the number on the scale will never make you truly happy. Weight should naturally fluctuate throughout your life based on a number of factors. You shouldn’t want the exact same amount of food every day; that will also fluctuate. Relax, enjoy food, & love yourself.

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