Hello all!

This semester of graduate school (I’m working towards my Masters in Nutrition & Physical Activity from JMU) has been absolutely kicking me in the butt! But, it has also been one of the most exciting and interesting semesters of my time thus far in my graduate program (which will soon come to an end, as I hopefully graduate in the Spring, May 2018). 

Starting over the summer, I began to really delve into my research for my thesis concerning personal trainers and body image, both how the job of being a trainer can affect individual trainer’s body image, and how an individual trainer’s body image can affect their ability and satisfaction with doing their job. Feel free to ask me more about the body of literature on this subject (hint: there is no research specifically on this topic in existence, so I largely looked at intersecting areas of research to shape my understanding of the topic), my methodology for my research, or any other questions you might have, and I would be more than happy to answer. I love my topic, and my research, though taxing, has been incredibly rewarding thus far.

As well as continuing on with my research (which began to form in the fall of last year/my first year in the program, really got moving over the summer, and has continued into this fall to be completed in the spring before graduation), I have also been talking some particularly interesting courses this semester: Exercise Across the Lifespan, Theories & Practices of Weight Management, and a course on Qualitative Research Methodology. Again, a lot of work, but truly information I am interested in learning, and plus, I’ve always been a big nerd about loving school.

some exciting progress to remind me why I train and why I chose grad school

As always, I am loving working with continuing clients and meeting new clients along the way. It’s truly the clients that make my job as a personal trainer at acac rewarding. Additionally, my group BeYOUtiful You with Pam and Shannon, concerning body image and the mental and emotional aspects of health has been trucking right along. We made vision boards in September, did a group hike of the Monticello Trail in October, and talked about self care this past weekend in November. We are also planning a group workout to give thanks for our bodies this coming Saturday (11/18) at 10:30am at Albemarle Square to celebrate Thanksgiving with a little movement and fun.

Finally, in addition to all that was already on my plate, I was offered an opportunity to work with the Morrison Bruce Center (an organization that promotes health and fitness for women and girls) at James Madison University as a graduate assistant on their Barbells & Brunch program this semester, as well as on additional programs next semester. The opportunity was just too perfect for my academic and personal interests to pass up!

It’s official!

But it’s not official until you have all the new job swag!
& keys to my new office!
I think my office-mate and I might just get along…
Taught a workshop on squats, deadlifts, and using the squat rack at the Barbells & Brunch event for MBC this past weekend, and did some personal training on hip mobility and pull-up progressions as well.
& of course a cool, pink tank top for the event!

So that’s what I’ve been doing over the course of the semester! So if you’re seeing less of me around the club, never fear, I’m still around and always eager to help! Feel free to ask me any questions you have about anything in this post or otherwise. 

Stay warm!


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