Videos on IGTV for those Visual/Auditory Learners

Hello all,

I just wanted to share some links here for videos I have been doing through Instagram TV on my account @eehpuhbuh! Most of my shorter content that doesn’t make it to this blog is shared through an Instagram post, IG TV video, or I will often share other Instagrammer’s content on my IG stories or links on my Facebook page. So add me on Instagram and Facebook if you want more content, as well as other random stuff from my life. If you want to skip out on all the nonsense, here are the links to the videos I’ve been posting, minus all the pictures of goat, donuts, and my outfits!

Also, be on the lookout for more information on a Body Image group I will be starting up at acac Albemarle Square in the near future, as well as some changes to my and Pam’s group BeYOUtiful You. This Body Image group will teach you how to rethink eating, exercise, and stress management from a body positive lens that can help you get closer to true health and further away from the societal pressure to be thin, control your eating, and constantly be productive, as well as the pressure to define your self worth based on how well you’re doing these three things. I’m also planning some cool collaborations with other amazing health professionals, so be on the lookout for information on those as I get things set in stone!

And as always, love your body because every body is a good body!


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Every body is a good body, and my goal is to help you feel your best!