Four (4) things you must do everyday.

Upon rising every morning, try implementing these four things. Make it your daily routine. 

1.  Drink 1-3 glasses (8oz) of water (1-2 minutes)

2.  Stretch (5 minutes)

3.  Read or listen to something inspirational, something that will spring you into action (5 minutes)

4. Sit in silence or meditate (3-5 minutes). Use this time to focus on your goals. Imagine and see your day unfolding before you even leave the house.

These four things alone will help increase your metabolism, promote good posture and blood circulation, and allow you to realize your strengths and the positives within you and your day, making you a more effective and productive person. 

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About Freddy

I incorporate an athletic feel to training while embracing corrective methods to empower clients well into their goals, giving them optimal functioning and performing. I often use calisthenics to focus on full body strength and endurance training while improving the client's metabolic condition.