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Laying the foundation for a healthy lifetime.

ACAC Germantown Youth Programs

Parents trust acac’s experienced team members to provide the highest level of care and instruction. From Kids Zone, to special activities, to youth fitness classes, kids have active fun with their friends, gain confidence, and learn new skills.

unrivaled benefits

The ACAC Difference

It’s not just about the kids. With 75+ weekly group exercise classes, onsite child care, and plenty of amenities, we know there is a membership package right for you!

Member Benefits

We never thought about a fitness club for the whole family before, but ACAC offers something for all of us. We can actually lift our kids now without it being a chore! We want to be healthier for our kids, to set an example for them. We are now a happier, healthier and stronger family.


Year member

Rob & Rachel Penczak

ACAC Fitness & Wellness

An all-access pass to fun

Kids Zone

Trust us to keep your children physically and emotionally safe, while facilitating an engaging, clean, healthy, and kid-friendly environment of fun, age-appropriate activities and social behavior.

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