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Make lasting changes one rep at a time

Personal training is the way to get the most from your acac membership. Our certified professionals are ready to guide and encourage you to achieve your goals.

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  • Individuals new to exercise or returning to exercise
  • Individuals with injuries or illnesses
  • Triathletes, runners, cyclists, and endurance athletes
  • Age-specific training from middle school athletes to older adults

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Programs for everyone

A personal trainer can help you lose weight, safely start exercising for the first time, build body confidence, and improve your posture or balance. If you’re a more seasoned exerciser, a personal trainer can help you break a plateau, increase your strength, train for a race or event, increase your cardiovascular endurance, or recover from an injury.

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Small Group Training

Like the camaraderie of group fitness? The accountability of knowing people are meeting you to train? Then small group training is right for you.

Get the group support you need to stay motivated, while also receiving the attention and expertise of a personal trainer at an affordable rate. Reaching fitness goals with friends is very motivating to many of our members, the sense of community and shared goals can be second to none. Choose from a variety of programs that meet your fitness needs including aquatic small group training.

Health Coaching

Do you have personal goals that feel unreachable? acac‘s Certified Personal Trainers specialize in creating fitness routines, and our Certified Health Coaches help with… everything else! Our coaches empower YOU to build confidence, self-awareness, and the healthy habits that result in long-term lifestyle change.

Our team of health coaches specializes in nutrition, stress management, sleep habits, goal setting, self-image, coping mechanisms, motivation and more! No matter your goals or level of experience, we’re here to guide and encourage you through life’s tough challenges.

After being hit head-on in an automobile accident in July 2015, I was left with shattered elbows, ankles, collar bones, ribs and a long road to recovery. Physical therapy helped me recover some of my basic function, but I still felt limited in my range of motion, and needed the help of a walker to get around. Then I found acac and Personal Trainer, John Shafer. With his help I have greatly improved my range of motion, balance, flexibility and strength — and I can walk without the help of a walker!


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Karen K.

ACAC Timonium