Power of Packing Your Lunch

One of the easiest steps you can take towards better health is to pack your lunch. The health, monetary and environmental benefits make this healthy habit a no-brainer.

Read below to see why:

  1. You’ll Save Money. Around $2,600 each year, to be exact. That’s enough for an extra vacation!
  2. You’ll Lose Weight. The average restaurant lunch is around 830 calories for one meal. Yikes! Keep your weight in check by making your meals at home.
  3. You’ll Get an Energy Boost. Compared with meals out that leave you sluggish and contribute to the mid-day slump, packing a lunch with lean protein, veggies and healthy carbs will give you the fuel you need to get through the rest of the work day.
  4. You’ll Exercise Creativity. Lunch these days is more than the boring brown bag sandwiches of the past. Get creative by finding new ways to make your food and lunch time will become a treat to look forward to, vs. a last minute necessity!
  5. You’ll Help the Earth! In addition to being better for your waistline, your wallet and your workday, packing a lunch also greatly helps the environment. You’ll be saving gallons of water needed to produce processed convenience food, saving fuel emissions by reducing driving time, and using sustainable containers that keep plastic utensils, paper bags, styrofoam containers and the like out of landfills.