Festivus Workout 2017

The gym is a natural place to celebrate Festivus.  All barbells can double as Festivus poles. 

I’ve always enjoyed the concept of Festivus.   Like most people I found out about it while watching Seinfeld.  It’s basic traditions to me are a great end of year celebration.  The Airing of Grievances is the perfect way to say goodbye the the disappointments and regrets of the past year. To balance that out, I think it’s important to count your “Festivus Miracles”.  Looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary.  All too often we dismiss those things.  I don’t think anyone will be surprised by my favorite tradition, the Feats of Strength.  On Seinfeld, the Feats of Strength involve wrestling the head of household and doesn’t end til that person is pinned.  However entertaining, I am going to insert the don’t try this at home disclaimer here.   Things might get a little personal.  

Instead, I’m going to suggest my Festivus Workout.  It has everything…


Part One:  The Airing of Grievances

Equipment: Medicine Ball, Index Cards or paper, Tape, A sturdy wall, floor or both. 

Write down everything that has disappointed you in the last year.  Tape them to the wall, floor or both and do 1 to 5 sets of the following exercises.  The point is to hit each grievance 20 times per set.

Medicine Ball Wall Slams

Medicine Ball Floor Slams

Medicine Ball Chest Slams

Once you are done tear up those grievances and prepare for the Feats of Strength.

Part 2:  The Feats of Strength

Equipment: 2 dumbbells.  Something heavy that you can push or pull.  Something heavy that you can carry. This is a 20 minute AMRAP Circuit. The point is to repeat this circuit as many times as you can in 20 minutes.  

5x Forward Jump, Burpee and walk your hands backward.  Jump forward as far as you can.  Drop down to the top of a push-up and lower your chest to the floor.  Push back up and walk your hands backward.  Stand up and repeat.  

10x Renegade row and side press

50′ sled push or pull

50′ farmers walk use the dumbbells you have on hand or of you want to go heavier, find two heavier items that you can carry in each hand.  

Bonus:  Secret Santa

I did a similar workout during an Athletic Conditioning class.   I put 3 Christmas songs on the class playlist.  When they played, we stopped what we were doing and chose a random bodyweight exercise out of a stocking and did that move for the duration of that song.  If you have a few friends working out with you, have them submit a few exercises each.  

I’ve included my YouTube playlist with my song selections but it’s better if you choose your favorites.  

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