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Being strong and mobile has enormous effects on your physical and mental well-being; and it's never too late to start! You may also catch yourself winking suggestively at your reflection from time to time...

My Blog

My Blog

Or the alternative title, ‘Things My Clients Hear Me Say All The Time, Volume 355’. If you’ve ever picked up a squirming child, a bag of dog food, or a CRT television (I know most of us remember those, right?) then you know there’s a big difference between how that feels and how it feels…

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Let's Connect



‘I would like to say that as a novice to physical training of any sort you made me feel very comfortable during each training. I didn’t know what to expect and now I have conquered the fear of the unknown and will not be as timid about it.’ – Maryann

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Jonathan since his arrival at ACAC. We started by discussing my goals and concerns and Jonathan developed a training program that changes and increases in intensity each time we meet. The changes in the routine are subtle and effective but do not leave me uncomfortable. Jonathan is an experienced trainer who has a great sense of humor and stays focused on improving my balance, core strength and overall fitness.’ – John

Bio & Schedule


I’m the only British team member at acac West Chester (there was another one, but I dropped him down a hole and nobody’s heard from him since). My focus is on helping my clients get stronger and more physically able for the trials of life and feeling happy when they look in the mirror – it’s important! – as well as drawing on my 12 years of martial arts experience to develop balance and physical stability. 

In my spare time I can normally be found carrying out secret missions for the Queen.

I’m very into client education; if you’ve trained with me then you’ve probably heard me say ‘just in case I tragically die…’ more than once! It’s very important to me that everybody I work with becomes substantially better off in terms of their exercise skill-set, and knows why we’re doing each movement. Fix the well, not just the sink.

I also run free drop-in training sessions on three Saturdays most months, usually at 11am. At the moment these include a squat 101 session, a back strength session and a glute training session. Please check the ACAC info boards by the front desk or Prep for more information, or shoot me an email at The more the merrier!



Tuesday | mid-morning to late evening
Wednesday | early morning to mid afternoon plus evening spots at ACAC Eagleview
Thursday | mid-morning to late evening
Friday |early morning to mid afternoon
Saturday |early morning to mid afternoon

Please get in touch to discuss times.


Training Specialties

  • Core and full body strength development
  • Building muscle
  • Flexibility
  • Weight management

Small Group Training

  • Boxing/ kickboxing for beginners



  • B.A. English Literature (very helpful for squats)
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Certified Health Coach
  • FitEDU Certified Kettlebell Instructor