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Strength over Cardio, Revisited

Let’s avoid breaking bones. Sounds like a solid idea, doesn’t it?

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Take it easy.

Take it easy. You can unplug now, that’s the message – if you get it. As trainers, something we see all the time is people launching into an intense new workout regimen and strict dietary restrictions… for maybe a month or three. Then they’re gone. I implore you to not do that. If you’re trying…
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Being Generally Specific

Good morning! Just a quick post for today to help you with how you approach your fitness goals. It’s important to know the details – how to squat, how to maintain a neutral spine, etc – but it’s important to have a bigger picture sense of how to get the kind of results you want,…
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Cardio is not the Solution to a Strength Problem

Think about all the non-disease/dysfunction issues that we humans can have as we get older. Struggling to get out of chairs; an inability to crouch and stand up again; loss of balance; increased fragility if losing balance makes us fall and break a bone; being unable to get back up, etc etc. All these things…
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The Strength Buffer Zone

Or the alternative title, ‘Things My Clients Hear Me Say All The Time, Volume 355’. If you’ve ever picked up a squirming child, a bag of dog food, or a CRT television (I know most of us remember those, right?) then you know there’s a big difference between how that feels and how it feels…
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Breathing 101

Breathing is a funny thing.

It’s a mostly unconscious action, yet one we can also control by ourselves if we wish to. This gives us a conscious access point to our nervous system, as deliberately breathing deeply will help to calm you down; deliberately hyperventilating will do the opposite (probably don’t do that).

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How heavy do I need to lift to build muscle?

If you’re anything like me, it’s not enough to just go into the gym and ‘do stuff’ in the hopes of packing on some extra muscle. It’s not enough to know just what you ought to be doing, either; you want to know why. If that sounds like you, this post is for you! If not, feel free to just read the parts in bold and the summary in red at the end, and just let me know if I can help with any part of it.

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