Strength over Cardio, Revisited


I’d like to just give you a few bullet point style things to ruminate on during this bonkers year.


  1. broken bones are very annoying, painful and limiting.
  2. not breaking them is probably a good idea.
  3. bones break when the forces acting upon them are greater than your ability to resist force.


With me so far? Here’s batch two of two.


  1. ‘your ability to resist force’ is more easily described as ‘strength’.
  2. having more strength means less broken bones.
  3. unless you’re recovering from a long period of being immobile, cardio does nothing to make you stronger.


The obvious final point: do not only do cardio. You are vulnerable if you do.

Resistance training is your friend.

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Being strong and mobile has enormous effects on your physical and mental well-being; and it's never too late to start! You may also catch yourself winking suggestively at your reflection from time to time...