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Snowed In Workout

Snow in but still want to get in a great workout? Use the letters below to spell your name and complete the corresponding exercises for a total body workout that is sure to leave you feeling accomplished at the end!

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New Year, Improved You

     Become fit, read more books, eat healthier, be happier, visit family more often, save money, exercise regularly, become more organized… the list goes on and on for New Years resolutions that everyone loves to make, but not everyone is able to keep. While having goals set for the new year is a positive…
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Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

Stay healthy and on track of your fitness goals this holiday season while still enjoying gatherings and events with friends and family with a few simple tips and tricks

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Deck of Cards Workout

The ‘Deck of Cards’ Workout Whether you may be looking to switch up your typical exercise routine or looking for an at home or travel friendly workout that won’t require going to a gym or much equipment- then this work out is for you! No gym, weights, or machines necessary, all you need is a…
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5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Hit the Gym

     Everyone falls into the rut of being too tired or too busy to make it to the gym every now and again. Life happens to everyone, we all understand, and it is completely normal.  That being said, too many days of being too tired or too busy can easily turn your 4 day…
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