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Snowed In Workout

Snowed in with little to no gym equipment available for use? Add a little twist to your usual workout by using the letters below to spell your name, your pets name, the state you live in, ext. and complete the corresponding exercises for a quick and total body workout.

A= 50 Jumping Jacks B= 15 Push Ups
C= 10 Crunches D= 10 Burpees
E= 15 Skaters F= 25 Jumping jacks
G= 15 Triceps Push Ups H= Squats
I= 15 Lunges (each leg) J= 30 Jumping Jacks
K= 60 Second Wall Sit L= 20 Bicycle Crunches
M= 15 Mountain Climbers N= 12 Jumping Lunges
O= 10 Jumping Squats P= 25 Crunches
Q= 10 Push Ups R= 15 Glute Bridges
S= 30 Calf Raises T= 20 Jumping Jacks
U= 25 Jumping Jacks V= 15 Burpees
W= 60 Second Plank X= 15 Squats
Y= 20 Skaters Z= 60 Seconds Jogging in Place

Here is an example of what a workout spelling my first name would be…

K- 60 Second Wall Sit

A- 50 Jumping Jacks

I- 15 Lunges

T- 30 Second Plank

L- 20 Bicycle Crunches

I- 15 Lunges

N- 12 Jumping Lunges

Don’t be afraid to modify! If you come across an exercise you cannot do, simply choose another letter with its corresponding exercise to replace it with. Gather some friends, get creative, and have fun!

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