Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

tree     With the holidays upon us, you may struggle to balance a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying gatherings and events with family, friends, and good food. While in the midst of parties, shopping for gifts, and work or school, your regular gym schedule may be put on the back burner. It happens to all of us. Don’t let the stress of not being able to make it to the gym keep you from enjoying the holiday season. There are many other ways to maintain your fitness and incorporate exercise into your daily life.

  • My personal favorite- bundle up and take a walk with your friends or family to a local neighborhood that is decorated with lights for the holiday. Enjoy the scenery while still hitting your daily steps.
  • Utilize your stairs at home or work. Take a five minute break every hour or so and spend that time walking up a few flights of stairs. This will also give you that mid day boost of energy we all need.
  • Plan a family trip ice skating, snow boarding, or skiing! These activities are a great way to switch up your regular exercise routine while spending time with your loved ones.
  • Focus on what you can do, instead of what you can’t Instead of getting down or feeling guilty about missing your gym session, think of what you can do instead. Go for an after dinner walk, pop in your favorite workout DVD, or do 50 jumping jacks and 25 push ups each commercial break during your holiday movie. Focusing on what you can do will make you feel more accomplished for your hard work.
  • Plan ahead- we all know when the holiday season starts and ends. Plan the best way to manage your healthy lifestyle ahead of time to avoid stress or feeling guilty if there is a change in routine.

     While fitness and maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle are important, the holidays are the time of year to spend with your friends and family. Plan ahead, be active when you can be, and HAVE FUN with it.

Happy Holidays!!!!

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