Keep Your Summer Active with Stamina!

    Through July and August, I will be offering a “Six-Week Summer Stamina” training package DEAL (40% off) to individuals interested in keeping up their summer energy. You pick any 6 out of 8 weeks that work for you. Here’s why I think you will like it…

     The sun is out, families are coming together, and vacations are happening left and right! What activities do you have planned for the summer? So far, I’ve been to Savannah to swim in the ocean, and coming up I have a trip to the lake where I’m going to water ski! I have had these trips planned for a while, and I want to be able to enjoy them. In order to do that, I need my nutrition to add up, my muscles to be working effectively, my joints to be protected, and my breathing to feel controlled! 

How is that possible? Stamina training!

Evaluation: Intake & Outtake Sessions

To begin, I will evaluate your stamina during an intake session by using a few standard fitness tests that I will coach you through. As there are many different tests available, we will briefly discuss your health and exercise history to find out which tests are right for YOU. At the end of our sessions, I will perform the same tests for your outtake session.

Along with the intake/outtake sessions, you will have access to the InBody machine that measures BMI, skeletal muscle mass, and more. It’s like a glorified scale, but it’s more detailed, accurate, and it remembers your data!

Building Muscle Strength & Aerobic Stamina

Building muscle strength and aerobic stamina is the main focus of our training. I will tailor the training to your personal needs and goals by pinpointing cardio machines and aerobic exercises for interval training as well as developing lower-body muscle endurance through customized exercises. 

Personal Story

I have an autoimmune disease that targets my knees. Over the years, I have had to build up my stamina in order to live the life that I want to live. I haven’t always been a gym member, but the training I went through to improve my well-being (as well as my ACE certification and 3 years of training at ACAC) has prepared me to help you!


Throughout the six weeks, I will be checking in with you weekly (separately from our training sessions) to keep you accountable for your nutrition as well as your aerobic and strength exercises. I do this because I care, and I want you to feel results! Accountability is a wonderful tool, and I’m here to help.

 Added Rewards

I will be giving you a FREE journal to keep track of your exercises, nutrition, and data; this is yours to keep! Additionally, there will be rewards and prizes for good behavior because we want to enforce healthy habits!

Nitty Gritty Details

This training is worth just over $1000.00. I’m offering it to you for 2 monthly payments of $299.99. Valid for ACAC Downtown location only.

Six-Week Summer Stamina!

Send me an email at to commit to improving and maintaining your stamina or if you have any questions!  

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About Keaton

I help empty-nesters, around ages 50-70, maintain or increase strength for an active, healthy retirement full of family time!