Mindset Moment

Needing some spark in your workout routine? Have focus themes for each workout!

One day, make the focus about visualization. Visualize the muscles you are using for each exercise. Doing so gives an extra sense of amplified strength and really makes you hone in on being present in your body and out of your mind.

Another key focus is the breath. No matter whether you are practicing yoga, strength training, or going hard with HIIT workouts you can benefit greatly by connecting the rhythm of your breath to your body’s movement.

Gratitude intervals is another one! In between each exercise set take a moment- feel the health and strength you already have- and let the gratitude sink in to the next exercise set you do. It’s like a snowball turned avalanche of gratitude!

Enjoy the extra sense of power from your focus themed workouts- and remember always keep it fresh by staying in the breath!

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About Sapta

200 RYT Yoga Instructor since 2010; ACSM Personal Trainer since 2011. Movement has been a grounding power tool in my life which leads me to sharing the love in my client's lives to appreciate the value of committing to a thriving, healthy lifestyle. When I am not training, you can find me playing music- my other passion- and running the trails around RVA. I can also make a proper manhattan behind the bar!