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Let's Connect

Let's Connect

it's like therapy

it's like therapy

“I started training with Lisa about a year and a half ago. I had come off a particularly sedentary period and needed some motivation and accountability to get myself moving again. I had taken a couple of different classes with Lisa and she seemed no-nonsense. We have steadily worked on my strength in areas I have always tried to avoid. Over time, I have seen that I can really push myself much harder than I thought possible. I have been introduced to different exercises, patterns of working out than I’d ever done. I have a LOT of questions and she always seems to have the right answer! Lisa keeps me accountable by checking in regularly on how I’m fueling myself and what I’m doing the other days we are not training. She gives honest feedback but is encouraging on how to make slow strides towards permanent lifestyle change. During this time, I’ve had several health issues arise that have impacted my workouts. She is always able to create workouts around my physical limitations. She has given me alternate workouts if I can’t train for periods of time or while traveling. She was also able to create partner workouts when I decided to train with my husband. We are very different in our workout styles and body types, so this was probably more challenging than I could possibly imagine. For me, the best things I’ve gotten out of my sessions with her are 1) it’s like therapy – these workouts help me process my stress and push me through 2) they are flexible to my changing needs 3) I’ve never felt stronger 4) she hasn’t lost faith even when I struggle. I can’t imagine kicking off my week any other way. My initial opinion was off; Lisa is a very gentle guiding force and knows when / how to push me past my own limitations. I consider myself very fortunate to have our sessions together and would highly recommend her for anyone looking to improve themselves.” – Ranjitha Kurup

Bio & Schedule

Training Availability:

by appointment only


Training emphasis

  • Nutrition and fitness coaching for permanent results
  • Breaking through weight loss plateaus
  • Power and strength for recreational sport performance
  • Making fitness fun


  • National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • International Sports Conditioning Association (ISCA) Certified Pilates, Kettlebell, and Kickboxing Instructor
  • ACE Certified Health Coach
  • ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist


  • Over 20 years as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor


  • BA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Phi Beta Kappa