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Finding Balance in 2017

Living your best is about achieving your optimal quality of life. From work to family to fun, find time for what makes you happier and healthier! Making fitness and recreation part of your daily routine provides more than just physical benefits. Being active boosts your mood, increases energy, and feeds your creativity and productivity. Read on for some of our top fitness articles and request our FREE Smart Eating Guide below. Find balance and be your best self in 2017!


Top Workout Tips for the New Year


Five Ways to Stay Motivated to Hit the Gym

Every once in a while, we all fall into the rut of being too tired or too busy to make it to the gym. Here are five tips and tricks to stay motivated to hit the gym consistently.

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What is the Best Time of Day to Work Out?

Whether it’s for convenience or personal preference, chances are you work out at the same time each day — but do you know why? Is a morning workout more effective than an evening sweat session?

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Kick off your New Year's resolutions

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Healthy eating is a cornerstone of fitness and wellness, but it is hard to do consistently! Our Smart Eating guide is a must-read. It breaks information down into bite-sized tips and offers real-life strategies for success. In addition to the essentials, this e-book includes:

  • a visual guide to portion sizes
  • shopping tips
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  • how to overcome obstacles
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Enjoy this easy-to-read guide and get started with healthier eating today!


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