Tips To Stay Motivated

December is here!  With less then 20 days ’til the first official day of winter, weather is getting colder, the nights are getting longer, and then there’s the holiday hustle and bustle of gift giving, work parties, and cookie exchanges.  

It gets harder this time of year to stay motivated to hit the gym and workout.  Here are my best suggestions for staying active through the winter:

  • Workout Early – before work or just after the kids are off to school
  • Take the dog for an early morning walk or jog – don’t forget your reflective gear and lights!  They make lighted leashes and collars for dogs too.  Your pup will appreciate the extra attention and workout.
  • Take the Stairs – an oldie but goodie, try skipping every other stair to target those glutes
  • Pack your lunch – not quite exercise related, but diet is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Do your cardio AFTER your strength training – research shows this pattern has better results for weight loss
  • Start your New Years Resolutions Now! – starting BEFORE January has been shown to be more effective in meeting your wellness goals.

Let me know how you plan to stay active this winter!