It is with a heavy heart that we announce all acac locations will be closed until further notice as of 3/16/20. Please click here to read more.

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acac will not be billing members for regularly scheduled dues on April 1. Among the many wonderful comments we have received are requests to continue billing your monthly membership dues if it means continuing to provide for our team members who are unable to work during this closure. If you are willing to pay your regular membership dues on April 1, you will receive one additional month of membership AND a $100 acac credit to use towards goods and services when the club reopens. We truly appreciate your consideration of this request; please email to indicate your interest in this elective offer. For more information, click here.

Mark Reinke

I am a busy guy; husband, father, coach, mentor, gardener, outdoors man and cook are the primary hats I wear. To be the best of these I can be, I stay physically prepared for all those pursuits, and feed myself in a way that allows me to keep up the pace. I can help you to take the next manageable step in fitness and wellness to get you closer to your ideal self.

My Blog

My Blog

I want to share my experience of the last “program” I used to improve my overhead pressing strength to give others an idea of how we make gains in strength after the initial improvements in fitness have stalled. I don’t post this to celebrate my success or to brag. It has been a four year…

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Let's Connect

Let's Connect

Bio & Schedule

Training Availability:

by contact only

Group Training Sessions:

Sunday 9 am FitCamp (large group)

Sunday 3:30 pm Kettlebell and Bodyweight training (small group)



  • M.A. Teaching, Willamette University
  • B.S. Human Physiology and Biology, University of Oregon


  • Helping those restrained by injury, inactivity or “plateau” to re engage
  • Training for recreational athletes
  • Kettlebell and bodyweight training


  • National Strength and Conditioning Association, CSCS
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • SFG Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor
  • FMS Level One
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach
  • ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist


Began Personal Training in 1999, High school strength & conditioning and athletics coach, Teaching experience in anatomy, physiology, biology and physical education, Clinical medical exercise program consultant 2009-2012


Spending time outdoors with my family, growing, cooking and eating great food, reading, strength training