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The value of having a plan... a personal account of fitness success

I want to share my experience of the last “program” I used to improve my overhead pressing strength to give others an idea of how we make gains in strength after the initial improvements in fitness have stalled. I don’t post this to celebrate my success or to brag. It has been a four year…
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Progressions in the loaded carries: improving symmetry

Carrying “odd” objects around: dragging limbs fallen from a tree, carrying water softener salt or dog food from the car to the house, lugging luggage through the airport, etc., are inevitable demands of life.   Few things are as disempowering as not having the ability to navigate those types of tasks. Here’s the great news:…
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Introducing loaded carries: the first four to try

Having grown up in a farm rich area in Southeastern Wisconsin, I can say for sure that carrying heavy things around for long periods of time will leave you a weird kind of strong.  I distinctly remember catching up with an opposing discus thrower at a track meet against one of the teams from a more…
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preparing a garden bed part 3: the "finer" points

So, I realized that there are some of the finer points that I have neglected to share in part one and part two. I started from the beginning with this herb bed, and took some shots of the process that I did not include in parts one and two posted earlier.  This third part should…
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How to prepare a garden bed Step 1

This is the first in a series of three posts on how to get started gardening in your yard.  These three posts are from a personal blog from 2016.  Since I have recently had many people ask me how to go about growing food in their own yard, I think this is worth sharing here.…
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Troubleshooting the push up part 2: arm position

Push-ups can be one of the most effective exercises around to help “tighten up” the back of the upper arms, and the back of the armpit area.  This is one of the often cited areas that people want to improve muscle tone in by strength training.  In order to get the most out of the…
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What is "neutral spine" and why it is important for you?

“Neutral spine” is one of those terms that we fitness professionals throw around pretty casually.  We refer to the concept in terms of maintaining a neutral spine position while completing a movement related to strength training or building flexibility, etc.   I have used the term recently in both the troubleshooting the deadlift post and…
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Troubleshooting the Goblet Squat

The squat is the one of the two essential lower body patterns for strength exercises.  The other is the “hinge” family, of which we touch on here in Troubleshooting the Deadlift.   The squat is not only an immensely useful movement in activities of life, but is an excellent way to build a more useful…
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an awesome way to make fall veggies

OK, so bacon is really a wonderful thing…  It makes “plain” tasting veggies very tasty.   This can, however be done without the bacon of course.   If you choose to include it, this is how I like to do it.  It leaves the flavor in every bite, and adds a nice textural element at…
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Staying fit for what? and how to build a fire pit that will last a lifetime

    Because we live in a time and place that allows us to be tremendously productive members of society from a chair (behind the wheel, or  in front  of a computer,  etc.) we are often forced to measure our fitness in ways other than simply our work.   One might use the “the ability…
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