Youth Aquatics

Marlin Club

This club is for expanding strokes, turns, and starts skills. Participants must already know how to swim, and be able to swim one length of the pool. It is a winter skills development program designed to get participants ready for summer swim team.


Dolphin Club

This club develops competitive skills and is designed for strokes mastery for summer swim team. Participants receive advanced instruction, and swim laps for exercise and endurance. Participants must have previous exposure to all four strokes.


Varsity Swim Team Prep

Teen (middle school and high school) option for fine tuning elite skills in preparation for winter high school swim team without the expense, meets or parent volunteer requirements of year-round USA swimming. Get ready in the fall for the winter varsity season, and then supplement your varsity practices during the season with targeted, personalized coaching to help shave off time in competition. In the spring, continue to prep for the summer league season. Taught by our USA Swimming experienced coaching staff.


All Ages Group Lessons

Age ranges listed are rough guides as groups are put together more on ability level than age. This is a great opportunity for parents to bring all of their children of different ages and abilities to lessons during same time. The lesson times allotted in the afternoon are specifically chosen to work around nap time, Sun morning church, and family evening/dinner time.

Both times on Sunday offer each of the following levels: level 1 (age 3-5), Level 2-3 (age 3-7), Level 4-5 (age 4-9), teen learn-to-swim (age 10+)

*last session is only 5 dates so price is $80 for members and $92 for non-members


Preschool Weekday Group Lessons

Learn-to-swim and stoke development group for pre-school aged children. The class time is chosen to be after the 12:30 ending of preschool, and allowing time to get here, change, and have a quick snack before lessons.


Saturday Morning Group Lessons


Tuesday Night Group Lessons


Level 1 description:

Level 2 description:

Level 3 description: