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Member Stories

For me, the hardest part of the pandemic quarantine was “gym withdrawal.” Bored with walking and struggling with stress eating, I was one of the first folks in line when acac reopened June 5.

I immediately felt at home—and safe. acac has always done a great job of keeping the equipment clean, and the staff now is going the extra mile. The members also are doing their part by wearing masks and keeping their distance from each other.

As part of the 60+ group, I’ve been extra cautious during all this. I honestly feel safer in the gym than I do at the grocery store, where too many people don’t follow the distancing guidelines—especially if you get between them and a bargain!

– John Wiley


I have been going to acac ever since they reopened (from pandemic closure). Every time I go to work out, I always see everyone that works there cleaning the equipment. They take your temperature when you check in. The group exercise teachers are so great; they remind classes to wipe down all of the equipment. acac has so many good classes and options to get your body in much better shape! It’s a wonderful place with so many excellent people working there. acac could not be any better!!

– Deanne Powell




I’ve been a member of acac since 2012 but never made enough effort to see real changes in my body that was morphing in ways I did NOT approve of.

After a couple years of denial, I signed up with trainer, Nick Lynch. When he asked what I expected to get out of training, I said, “Accountability.” Pre-Nick – A rain shower was enough to keep me out of the gym. I mean, who wants to get out in that mess?! You might chuckle at that, but that’s where I was. Working out is the ONLY area in my life where I’m L.A.Z.Y. I knew I’d NEVER hold myself accountable to consistency in workouts OR increase weights OR make changes to diet/wine-drinking that had started to show up enough to make my clothes not fit the way they used to. I’ve always been small-framed but when your clothes stop fitting, it doesn’t feel good—no matter what size you are.

I signed up for 3X/week & have been consistently getting my behind kicked (in the best, most consistent, professional, results-driven way possible) for the past 2+years. I’ve never been a fan of working out (& I’m still not—not really), but now I really do love it. I feel better than ever and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. My muscles have more definition than I’ve ever had – ever. And because I don’t want to undo what I work on all week, I make better choices in diet & wine times (now that took a minute into the program).

Without being pushy, he’s been HUGELY motivating in my decisions to keep moving forward with training & continuing to always make little improvements toward making healthier choices in lifestyle changes. He’s offered help with food alternatives without pushing at all. He simply says he can offer it if I’d like him to.

The workouts are challenging w/o being impossible and I’ve never left there regretting that I went. I’ve ALWAYS left feeling good about myself – especially on days I didn’t feel like going …and there were many especially in the beginning. Now, my body misses it if I don’t go. And we’ve built a rapport. He’s become a friend and I LOVE his fiancé. She’s a DOLL!

I’d highly recommend Nick as a personal trainer. He’s definitely the one you’d want in your corner, for sure!

-Lisa Klemmer

Coming from a long line of osteoarthritis genes and NOT being an athlete but loving sun and water, this is my happy place. Some years back I had a shoulder replacement which landed me in the deep end of the pool to recover. (Plus my arthritic feet can’t take the pounding.) I have stayed there. Now I’ve been through a second round of cancer, again rehabbing in the pool. Nevertheless, I’ve suspected my arthritic genes are now invading my other shoulder. I visited my orthopedic surgeon who took an X-ray. He said, “I’m shocked at your range of motion considering what I just saw of arthritis in your shoulder!” His recommendation, “Keep doing water exercise! You’re doing exactly what you should be.”  

-Carolyn Wayland