10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone. With parties, gifts of food, and holiday dinners, it is especially hard to maintain weight let alone, lose weight. Remember that the holidays are for enjoying good times with friends and loved ones. And this can be done while maintaining your body weight. During the holidays, the key is avoiding weight gain!

Never Go Hungry
Many of us will have at least one holiday party to attend this season. Don’t subject yourself to additional temptation by showing up on an empty stomach. Eat something healthy before you go, and leave room for one or two special treats at the party.

Recognize Your Triggers
Holiday food IS tempting. Enjoy friendly conversation away from the dessert table. Engaged in good conversation, you will be less likely to excuse yourself and go across the room for dessert.

Stay in Control
Drink alcohol in moderation, if at all. Drinking is an easy way to lose control and indulge in unnecessary calories and party foods. Ask for a wine spritzer or light beer and make it last.

You Have a Choice
There are holiday foods that do not contain extra sugar and fat. Fill most of your plate with healthier options like vegetables, shrimp cocktail, or lean white meat that has not been fried. Then enjoy a small portion of your favorite holiday side dish or dessert.

Maintain Balance
Depriving yourself of your favorite dessert during the holiday season may backfire. Take time to enjoy a delightful dessert and then walk away. Moderation and balance can help you indulge in the pleasures of holiday meals without overindulging or feeling guilty.

Keep Moving
Don’t have time for that hour workout at the gym? It’s okay; just don’t abandon exercise altogether. Be extra conscious of taking the stairs and parking at the end of the lot. You can even enjoy the holiday lights and decorations in your neighborhood with a walk around the block. The exercise will help you enjoy holiday foods guilt-free.

Take Time for Yourself
Holidays are stressful and stress can easily lead to emotional overeating. Schedule a workout date with yourself. Take a five-minute meditation break amid the chaos. Listen to holiday music in the car instead of talking on a cell phone. Whatever it may be, find your stress release for the holiday season. Neglecting yourself and your needs will leave you wide open to finding comfort in food.

Keep it in Perspective
The holidays are days, not weeks or months. Enjoy the holiday and move on, getting right back to your weight control program after New Year’s. Do not let the holiday season take control of your healthy lifestyle.

Give the Gift of Health
Use this holiday season to get a friend or loved one up and moving. Invite them to join you at the gym as your guest. Give a book on healthy living or a gift certificate to a personal trainer. The possibilities are endless.

Remember the Holiday
Regardless of how it may seem, the holidays are NOT just about food. Holidays are a time to socialize and spend quality time with friends and loved ones. Focus on the simple joys of being together during the holidays. Be positive and enjoy!