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10 Ways to Move More in Your Day!

10 Ways to Move More in Your Day!
by Katie Dullaghan, CPT
We all get busy and forget about exercise, so here are a few simple tips to get yourself moving a little bit more every day!
  1. Park farther away during errands. Walking just a bit more every day will add up in the long run. Park at the back of the parking lot on nice days for a little challenge!
  2. Get a Walking Buddy. Efficacy is higher when we have someone to hold us accountable. Find an “accountabilibuddy” to hold you true to your goals.
  3. Walk or climb stairs during your lunch break. Take the stairs throughout your day, or go for a walk on your lunch break and enjoy the view.
  4. Do chair sits at your desk. If you find yourself getting drowsy or bored during the day, try a few chair sits or squats right at your desk. Just make sure your chair doesn’t have wheels!
  5. Use the countertops. Use your kitchen countertops or work desk for pushups during the day. Try starting from a bookshelf and work your way to lower surfaces.
  6. Try TV workouts. Use TV commercial breaks as a challenge! See how many jumping jacks or burpees you can get in during each commercial. Challenge a friend to compete against you for a little extra fun.
  7. Organize a dynamic workstation. Put your printer on the other side of your office or get up every time you need to answer your phone. Walk around your office while you’re on the phone if you are able.
  8. Set an alarm. Set an alarm to remind you to get up and walk around once an hour to keep active even when you’re busy.
  9. Clean up your house and yard. Pick up a broom or a rake and clean your house or yard to keep moving, even in the evenings. Bonus: your house will always be clean!
  10. Use a pedometer. Use a pedometer or activity tracker to stay accountable for your level of activity during the day. Challenge your accountabilibuddy to a step off throughout the week too!


 Try adding any of these to your daily routine and see how much better you feel!