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Need a new workout, stuck in a rut, or want to build a better foundation? Try FitCamp!

Looking for a new workout, stuck in a rut, or want to build a better foundation?

Give acac’s FitCamp a try!
What is FitCamp?
FitCamp is personal training with group support. It’s consist of a warm-up, strength training, conditioning, and flexibility work, under the guidance of a personal trainer and the support of a group of peers!  
A typical warm-up consists of dynamic stretching and mobility drills. From there, strength training comprised of pushing, pulling, and lifting things, intended to mimic the movements you actually do in your daily life, takes place. Next, FitCamp will get your heart rate up (and burn some fat!) with anything from battle ropes to sled pushes or drags. You’ll breathe hard and get your heart rate up – and all without running! Lastly, you’ll be sure to get a proper cool down with an emphasis on stretching and flexibility.
What are the benefits of FitCamp?
FitCamp is heavily coached, easily modified, and extremely efficient. You’ll get a complete guided workout in just one hour. Plus, in the group format, you get the benefits of working with a personal trainer while in an inclusive, caring community that wants to see you succeed and will help you become comfortable and confident along the way. The best part is that everybody walks out feeling better than when they came in!
If you aren’t ready for the financial commitment of one-on-one training, a single FitCamp session can run as low as $14. It’s an affordable option to add to your existing routine, or shape your new one.
Who can benefit from FitCamp?
While FitCamp offers a slightly personalized workout, it may not be for everyone. You should be able to get on and off the floor without assistance, and lift at least 25 pounds.
If you can do both of those things – you can benefit from FitCamp! You absolutely do not need to be “fit” to be part of FitCamp. It’s great for anyone looking to learn new skills and open to trying new things.
It’s also a great format for busy people who don’t want to think about their workout; you get a unique warm-up, workout and cool down handed to you at each session!
See our current FitCamp schedule below. Interested in learning more? Contact Mark Reinke for more information.
9:00 AM | FitCamp | Mark
9:30 AM | “Core” Camp | Jenn
9:30 AM | FitCamp | Brian
9:30AM | Bare Strength FitCamp | Julie & Patrick
10:30 AM | FitCamp H20 | Carol
6:30 PM | FitCamp | Ryan P. 
5:30 AM | FitCamp | Brian
8:15 AM | FitCamp | Brian