Midlothian Alert

We will be re-finishing some of the hardwood floors in the club and the following spaces will close:

Basketball Court: Aug. 24 at 9am

Studio A: Aug. 24 at 11am

Studio B: Aug. 24 at 11:45am

All will re-open on Sunday, August 27 at 7am.


Graston Technique®

acac Midlothian

Graston Technique® is a simple technology that improves injury treatment and rehabilitation. It allows the provider to detect and treat areas of “scar tissue” or adhesions in muscles, tendons, fascia, and ligaments that can reduce our range of motion and cause pain. A stainless steel instrument is used to glide along muscle, tendons, fascia or ligaments to detect and then break up scar tissue. Stretching exercises are used to promote re-alignment of the fibers into the normal pattern of healthy tissue.

Graston Technique® has been effective in the treatment of many common aches and pains, including:

Patients usually receive two treatments per week for four to five weeks. If you are interested in learning if Graston Technique® can work for you, contact Jordan Smuts at jordansm@acac.com