Midlothian Alert

The Indoor Family Pool will close early at 6:30pm on Friday, March 22 for a Member – Guest Event. Only those who have RSVP for the event will be allowed in. 

March Madness Basketball Pool

Complete a perfect bracket and win a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to acac

If you’re interested in participating in the pool, please email GM Joyce Steed at joyces@acac.com. You will receive an invitation from the CBS Sports website. If you don’t have already have a login to CBS Sports, you will need to create one before you can enter the acac Midlothian pool. This pool is only open to acac members. Each member may enter only one time.
You will need to pick the bracket in its entirety. Points will be awarded for each round you win plus the seed of the winning team. For example, if you pick #1 seed UVA to win the first round, you will get 1 point for winning the first round and 1 point for UVA’s seed for a total of 2 points. If you pick a #16 seed Virginia Tech to win and they do, you will get the point for winning the first round and 16 points for the seed for a total of 17 points. Each round will be worth more points (1, 5, 9, 13, 17 and 21 points per round). Please make sure you select the TOTAL points of the final game as a tiebreaker.
The winner of the pool will receive 3 months of free membership to acac.
Second place will receive a one month membership or a $75 acac gift card.
Third place will receive a $50 acac gift card.
Standings are posted on the CBS Sports website. We hope you’ll join us. Last year more than 100 members participated!
Please email Joyce Steed — joyces@acac.com to sign up! The deadline to sign up is March 21. Good luck!