September Mini Clinics

Free Personal Training Clinics

Drop in and experience our Personal Training Team and learn new ways to improve your workouts for FREE. Register at the front desk. 

Planning for Getting in Shape this Fall | Sarah | Wed., Sept. 12 | 11:00am | Basketball Court

Learn key strategies to establish an effective workout routine that you can stick to whether you are new to exercise or returning. 

Beyond Basic Balance Exercises | Ryan D. | Thurs., Sept. 13 | 1:00pm | Studio B

Learn fun and challenging exercises to improve your balance and reduce clumsy moments. 

Pilates Foundations | Hannah | Sat., Sept. 15 | 11:30am | Mind Body Studio

Whether you’re new to the Pilates mat or an experienced practitioner, this sample class provides mind/body centering benefits, builds strength, restores flexibility, and develops core stability.

Get the Wiggles Out | Brian | Wed., Sept. 19 | 4:30pm | Studio B | ages 6 – 11

Healthy kids turn into healthy adults! Lest us teach your kids how to get and stay fit with creative, energetic, fun and healthy methods to exercise!

Booty Builder | Aviana | Fri., Sept. 21 | 9:00am | Basketball Court

Learn exercises that focus on strengthening legs while scultping your backside. This clinic will incorporate resistance loops, body weight exercises, and kettlebells to target the lower body. 

Stretching 101 | Elizabeth | Sat.., Sept 29 | 1:00pm | Mind Body Studio

No matter your chosen exercise, a proper stretching routine can help reduce injuries and ease soreness. Learn how to stretch safely and effectively.